Graduate Institute of Library and Information Science

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  • April 26,2019
    English corner
    Gourmet Cooking activity

  • 2019 03 30 strawb picking website cut

    March 30,2019 English corner

    Strawberry picking

  • 1080116土耳其阿塔圖克大學學者於來訪交流透過國際處

    January 16,2019
    Turkey Atatürk University

  • 1071219 參考館員實戰經驗分享姜義臺

    December 17,2018 Speech
    參考館員實戰經驗分享 Reference Librarians share their experiences
    Speaker:姜義臺 館員

  • 1071218 Defining and understanding diversity equity and inclusion in LIS工作坊Ismail Abdullahi

    December 18,2018 Workshop
    Defining and Understanding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in LIS
    Speaker:Dr.Ismail Abdullahi

  • 1071217 Inclusion of diversity and social justice in LIS educationIsmail Abdullahi

    December 17,2018 Speech
    Inclusion of Diversity and Social Justice in LIS Education
    Speaker:Dr.Ismail Abdullahi

  • 1071213聖誕晚會

    December 13,2018
    Christmas Party

  • 1071212 OA柯皓仁 copy

    December 12,2018 Speech
    Open Access
    Speaker:柯皓仁 老師

  • 1071210 The Relationships and Linkages among the Digital Collections at Libraries in Japan長塚隆 copy

    December 12,2018 Speech
    The Relationships and Linkages among the Digital Collections at Libraries in Japan
    Speaker:Dr.Takashi Nagatsuka

  • 1071106 Immigrants Information Behaviour in Public LibrariesNove E. Variant Anna

    November 6,2018 Speech
    Immigrants' Information Behaviour in Public Libraries

    Speaker:Nove E. Variant Anna

  • 1071102專利資料庫和專利檢索 管中徽

    November 2,2018 Speech
    專利資料庫和專利檢索Patent Database and Patent Search


  • 1071018參訪 2

    October 18,2018 Visit
    An Excursion to Douliu and Huwei

  • 1071018參訪 1

    October 18,2018 Visit
    Douliu Picture Book Library

  • 1071017工作坊

    October 17,2018 Workshop
    Library services for underserved and disadvantaged populations
    Speaker:Dr.Kim Thompson

  • 1071016演講

    October 16,2018 Speech
    Digital inclusion and public libraries

    Speaker:Dr.Kim Thompson 

  • 1070927參訪 2

    September 27,2018 Visit
    National Central Library - Rare Book Collections

  • 1070927參訪 1

    September 27,2018 Visit
    ETD 2018 Taiwan

  • 1070821演講

    August 21,2018 Speech
    Core skills for librarians in the 21st century

    Speaker:Dr.Almuth Gastinger


  • 1070720新生營

    July 20, 2018 Freshman training & Information Retrieval Course